Page Outline

I. Types of Updates
A. Statistical
1. Frequency
a. Quarterly
2. Update procedure
a. Official publication(s)
b. Scorebook(s)
B. Notational
1. Frequency
a. Immediate
2. Update procedure
a. Direct communication

There are two types of updates, “Statistical” and “Notational”.


Statistical are those that affect the numbers — new titles, new trials, new litter tables and litters that have reached the age of eligibility — and are updated quarterly.

The Statistical update procedure is as follows:

1. We wait for trial results to appear in the official publications. Or…
2. We input data directly from scorebooks.

The magazines and websites can take a while to report trials, so option number two is a faster way to get credit for your hard work. This will guarantee that the data in question be included with the next quarterly update.

Because of the difficulty accessing their official publications, European breeders and handlers must provide copies of scorebooks in order to guarantee inclusion.

As the close-of-quarter draws near, we will make an announcement on the News page so that those who plan to submit scorebooks will have sufficient notice.

Those who wish to do so can use any number of options:

· Scan and email
· Photograph and email
· Copy and snail mail.



Notational are those that do not affect the numbers and are updated immediately. Found on the Litter Summary pages and in the website footer, these consist solely of the tags “planned breeding” and “new litter”. They are announcement-only updates and are thus optional (this is in service to our readers who may be using this project to find a puppy).

The Notational update procedure is as follows:

· If a breeder would like the notation “planned breeding”, provide a timeframe along with the sire and dam.
· If a breeder would like the notation “new litter”, provide the date of birth along with the number of puppies born.
· Public breeding announcements will be added automatically.

Breeders can contact us directly either by phone or through the website’s email.